Are You Suffocated Shopping

Many people just go for window shopping, but get bewildered at the displays and end up buying some junk at fancy prices.This may be ‘in-thing’ for the so called rich, but a nightmare for ordinary and budget shoppers. The purpose of this write-up is to help the latter people to make informed decisions and buy at economical prices.

First of all it will be worthwhile to make a list of articles/products required on a regular monthly basis, and do a small research as to their prices.The ‘research’ does not involve sophisticated tools! Just visit some shops like, super markets, departmental stored, super stores, ‘fair price shops’ and also the next door mom-pop shops! Enquire what the prices or just get a price list from them. Most shop keepers sell the products at the ‘Maximum Retail Price’ printed, even though they are at liberty to sell below the maximum price. Why? Because this depends upon the sales turnover o f each kind of shop. Bulk buying merchants buy at discount and cut down their margin and sell below the maximum price. However, this is not true of the so called super/hyper stores where they charge only the maximum price, even though they may purchase in bulk and at discount!

Next thing will be to identify and segregate branded goods. Such branded goods like toothpaste, hair cream, beauty products are sold by most shops at the maximum price. However, certain departmental and wholesale stores sell below the maximum price, at a discount. Identify such shops.For other un-branded products, it is a free for all! Each shop sells at their own price.I have found that the next door mom-pop shop sells such un-branded products at a lower price than the so called super market/stores! You can buy these products at such mom-pop shops, but of course, check the quality also. This can be done by experience.

The above methods can be safely employed in buying fruits, vegetables and other perishable articles also. Here I have found big stores sell at a cheaper price than the next door/cart vendor merchants.You can choose the seller and avoid extra costs.

Some may argue that seasonal products can be purchased at their seasons and stored in bulk at a cheaper price. This may be possible for a businessman/industrialist but not for an average salary earner who earns monthly.

By carrying a list of products to be purchased, you can avoid impulsive buying from the super stores, where the ambiance is inviting and the displays tempting! You can also glide over the glossy talks of the sales persons!

In sum, anybody can buy good products at economical and competitive prices, without being fleeced, if only he/she makes some efforts and try to follow the above simple methods. A word of caution, however, these methods may not be applicabe to pharmaceutical markets, where the consumer may have to contend with multi-branding and fleecing cross-national companies with their high voltage sales campaigns and promotions.


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